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Welcome to Captain Patric's blog page. He will share Mobile Bay fishing reports, tips and tricks, fishing forecasts and fishing suggestions for the Mobile Bay area. If you have a question for Captain Patric about one of his blog posts please send him an email.  In addition to this blog Captain Patric also publishes videos on youtube and keeps fresh content on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for supporting Ugly Fishing and Captain Patric Garmeson.

jack crevalle fish in alabama

Captain Patric Garmeson: Fish in Alabama

What sets my charters apart is the personalized experience I offer. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just dipping your toes into the world of fishing, I tailor each trip to suit your skill level and preferences. Join me for a day of camaraderie and learning as we pursue the diverse bounty that Alabama's saltwater has to offer
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mobile bay bull redfish fishing charter

Unveiling the Ultimate Bull Redfish Fishing Adventure with Ugly Fishing

Ugly Fishing, a prominent name in the fishing charter industry, offers an experience like no other. Their Dauphin Island Bull Redfish fishing charter is tailored to provide anglers of all levels with an unforgettable adventure.
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mobile bay jack crevalle fishing charter

Your Mobile Bay Jack Crevalle Charter

chasing the ultra aggressive Jack Crevalle in Mobile Bay, you need more than just luck. You need an experienced guide....
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mobile bay flounder fishing charter

Mobile Bay Flounder Fishing Charter with Captain Taylor Morrow:

If you're an avid angler seeking an unforgettable flounder fishing experience on waters of Mobile Bay, look no further than native Daphne fishing guide Captain Taylor Morrow. As part of the Ugly Fishing team
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Mobile bay flounder fishing guide

Your Ultimate Mobile Bay Flounder Fishing Guide: Tips and Tricks

Timing is crucial in flounder fishing. The prime season for flounder fishing in Mobile Bay typically runs from late summer through early autumn. During this period, flounder move into shallower
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Doormat Classic Flounder Fishing Tournament

The Doormat Classic Flounder Fishing Tournament

aim to maximize the overlap in conservation and competition. We are aiding in all things science and data collection while giving anglers a platform to flex his or her fishing muscles to win some prizes and bragging rights.
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captain patric and guest holding flounder caught on slick lures

Mastering the Art of Flounder Fishing: 5 Tips for a Successful Summer

As an avid angler and fishing guide, I wanted to share some valuable tips with you on how to improve your flounder fishing game this season. Flounder fishing can be incredibly rewarding, and with a little know-how, you can enhance your chances of reeling in those prized flatfish. So, without further ado, here are five…
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how to keep speckled trout alive

Keeping speckled trout alive

Why do I need to keep my speckled trout alive? In my area (Mobile Bay in Southwest Alabama) we have several fishing tournaments that are focused on speckled trout or have speckled trout categories. Many of those tournaments do not require nor reward for bringing in live speckled trout but a few do provide rewards.…
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How to catch sheepshead

How to catch Sheepshead

Sheepshead Fishing: How to Catch These Elusive Bait Stealers Sheepshead, also known as convict fish, are a popular saltwater fish species found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. These fish are known for their hard fighting ability and their love of bait, which makes them a great catch for anglers. However,…
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Cold Fronts and Speckled trout

Cold Fronts and Speckled trout

Cold Water We have witnessed water temps in the lower 40’s even in some areas the upper 30’s for a day or two most days water temps average around 57 degrees. Follow the water temps in real time by clicking HERE First Cold Snap This year our first nice cold snap rolled through our area…
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The Winter Classic 2021 logo

The Winter Classic 2021

Premier Speckled Trout Fishing Tournament Wow! Seven successful Winter Classic fishing tournaments are now in the record books. The Winter Classic 2021 dates were January 23rd and 24th. We registered the most participating teams for this years premier speckled trout fishing tournament. The past champions were registered for this years Winter Classic. Which, included the…
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2020 Alabama red snapper season

2020 Alabama Red Snapper Season

Red Snapper Dates are Set Each year anglers patiently await the announcement of the Alabama red snapper season. Now, anglers can begin planning his or her red snapper fishing trips. 2020 Alabama red snapper season is set based on the harvest data from previous years. This year in particular was the first year that the…
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gulf shores inshore fishing charters

Gulf Shores inshore Fishing Charter

Spring Fishing Gulf Shores Lets face it, we are all ready for winter to be behind us and ready for some warmer weather and most importantly, hungry fish. Regardless of where you are when spring rolls around most fish get more active and more willing to bite when spring arrives. Spring, Summer, fall and winter…
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Winter Classic 2020 logo

Winter Classic 2020

The Best Speckled Trout Fishing Tournament The Winter Classic 2020 edition is in the books! Like always we had our share of ugly weather, lock jaw Mobile bay speckled trout, but most importantly eager anglers who all enter with the intent of holding a big check and plaque at the end of the weekend. How…
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Captain Patric Garmeson holding current alabama state record sheepshead

Current Alabama State Record Sheepshead

Breaking Records On March 29, 2019 I landed a fish that put me in the Alabama record books. I can actually say that “I Captain Patric Garmeson hold the current Alabama state record sheepshead.” While this accomplishment seems like it could happen to anyone with a hook in the water I feel as if I…
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Fairhope fishing charters captain patric garmeson mobie bay jubilee

Fairhope Alabama Fishing

A little about Fairhope Fairhope was founded in November 1894 in the site formerly known as Alabama City. Fairhope was originally formed and still remains a “single tax colony” ,which is not what this post is about. Downtown Fairhope is positioned on the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay and is located at 30.31N 87.53W. Fairhope’s…
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2019 winter classic speckled trout tournament logo

2019 Winter Classic

Most Challenging year The 2019 Winter Classic speckled trout tournament has come and gone and all anglers managed to survive again this year. This was by far the most challenging of all five years of the tournaments existence. Almost perfectly scripted to make it as difficult as possible. I for one love a challenge but…
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Mobile Alabama fishing charter two kids holding fish

Mobile Alabama Fishing Charters

Mobile Alabama. is located in Southwest Alabama and offers some of the very best inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing along the gulf coast. This Mobile county community is home to several Mobile Alabama fishing charters. The fishing charters located in Mobile, Al. can provide fishing experiences for all levels of skill anglers. Anglers could expect…
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Dauphin island fishing charter lady holding large redfish

Dauphin Island Fishing Charters

Dauphin Island Al. is located in Southwest Alabama and offers some of the very best inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing along the gulf coast. This south Mobile county community is home to many Dauphin island fishing charters. The fishing charters located on Dauphin island can provide fishing experiences for all levels of skill anglers. Anglers…
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speckled trout

Springtime Speckled Trout Fishing

Springtime Speckled Trout Fishing Spring brings new life and with it often brings great fishing. Most of the speckled trout are leaving the rivers and creeks where they have spent the last several months and they are hungry! Most of the baitfish and shrimp are in very low supplies right now so speckled trout are…
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Sheepshead fishing Mobile Bay

Sheepshead Fishing

Springtime Sheepshead fishing It happens every year. Winter turns to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall and fall to winter. Regardless if you want it to happen the seasons change and so do the fish that we target. Springtime sheepshead fishing is a great way to enjoy a day on the water with friends…
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man holding big bull redfish

Bull Redfish

Year round action You may or may not know this but I am on the water all 12 months per year. During those 12 months I am taking clients out into the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, Weeks Bay and all the rivers that feed Mobile Bay. I have had to adapt to…
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Lady holding pompano

Pompano restocking

Trachinotus carolinus The Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) is a species of marine fish in the Trachinotus (pompano) genus of the family Carangidae. It has a compressed body and short snout; coloration varies from blue-greenish silver on the dorsal areas and silver to yellow on the body and fins. It can be found along the western…
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Captain Patric’s Salsa

Captain’s Salsa Recipe 2011 my wife, Autumn and I honeymooned in Belize on San Pedro Island. It was on this vacation that I had a rediscovery of fish tacos. Found an appreciation for great salsa and a new love for ceviche. Autumn and I found the hole in the wall restaurants and a charter boat…
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Rising Rivers

Massive Watershed The Mobile Bay Watershed encompasses 65% of the land area for the state of Alabama. Also, includes portions of Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee. Mobile Bay is the end-point for the Mobile, Tombigbee, Black Warrior, Alabama, Coosa and Tallapoossa Rivers. The watershed is a vast network of over 250 separate waterways, including rivers, bays, creeks, bayous,…
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Battle Of the Grubs

Battle Of the Grubs BOG What is BOG? BOG stands for “Battle Of the Grub.” Well, it’s a fishing tournament. Kinda like the Never Ending Story of fishing tournaments. The BOG history book dates back to the 20th century and began as a fishing challenge to decide who was better at catching speckled trout on…
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2018 The Winter Classic

The best speckled trout tournament The Winter Classic. The best speckled trout tournament in the entire Mobile Bay area. This is a two day event where you can only use artificial lures and you get bonus points for bringing in live speckled trout. Our 2018 edition of The Winter Classic was the best event thus…
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Mobile Bay fishing report

Cold air invades Huge blast of cold air has invaded the whole country including the Alabama Gulf coast. This Mobile Bay fishing report is a projection of what to expect behind the rainmaker. Monday 12/4 our weather was stable and water temps as warm as 73 degrees. Today I am not fishing because I am…
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L&M Marine Logo

The Winter Classic 2017

2017 Winter Classic Results The winter classic was born 3 years ago with the intention to bring together some of the best Speckled Trout fisherman the Mobile Bay area has to offer. The focus was on three parts: First and foremost, the tournament would be artificial bait only. Second, it would be a two-day tournament.…
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