Dauphin Island Fishing Charters

Dauphin Island is situated at the southern tip of Mobile County Alabama. This once fishing village remains one of the best kept secrets along the entire gulf coast. Although, the island remains a bit of a secret to the rest of the world the locals know all about the superb fishing. Whether a two day or two week vacation to Dauphin Island we recommend taking a Dauphin Island fishing charter. Many guests come to Dauphin Island because of the quaintness of the island. However, most leave the island excited about the family fishing experiences.

Speckled trout

Dauphin Island guests come from all over the country. Some come from as far away as Canada and the Dakotas to as close as Daphne, Alabama. This means some Dauphin island fishing charters consist of anglers who enjoy speckled trout fishing and others who have never even heard of a speckled trout. Speckled trout fishing around Mobile Bay and Dauphin Island is heavily sought after by locals and usually appreciated by visitors.


Spring break sheepshead fishing near Dauphin Island can be as much fun as many anglers have ever had while fishing. This odd looking fish has horse like teeth it uses for biting barnacles off of pilings and rocks. This fish may look odd but it fights really hard and has great tasting meat. Be sure to book a spring break sheepshead fishing trip.


Redfish aka red drum are a year round targeted species of inshore fish. The redfish can range from several miles out in the gulf into the marsh areas around Mobile Bay. Family friendly Dauphin island fishing charters will target redfish for sport and some for harvest. Dauphin Island redfish fishing has grown in popularity over the years. Many anglers enjoy targeting the hard fighting redfish.


Therefore, many out of town guests are unsure who to select and how do they select the right Dauphin Island fishing charter? Many anglers rely on online reviews left by previous customers. TRIP ADVISOR

Successful trip

Ugly Fishing LLC is one Dauphin Island fishing charter that provides the following for all fishing guests: Licensing, top notch fishing equipment, live bait (when applicable), ice, and fish cleaning (when applicable)