Captain Taylor Morrow

Gulf Shores Fishing Guide

Captain Taylor was added to the Ugly Fishing fishing guide team in 2020. He obtained his license in 2019 and has aspirations of running his own guide service in and around Mobile Bay. Captain Taylor is a knowledgeable Gulf Shores fishing guide who will accommodate his customers and clients.

Natural Born fisherman

Captain Taylor unofficially started his fishing career when he was 3 years old. Walking the eastern shore beaches looking for jubilees, to throwing cast nets off Mobile Bay docks. Or fishing from his dads boat, Taylor was fully involved in fishing at a very young age. Captain Taylors grandfather was a huge reason for his love of inshore fishing. Therefore, Taylor has always had a passion for learning how to catch more fish in and around Mobile Bay.

Daphne, Alabama Native

Captain Taylor grew up fishing, throwing cast nets, playing baseball and football in the Daphne, Alabama area. Growing up in the Mobile Bay area, Taylor found enjoyment hanging out with friends at bon fires, crawfish boils, beaching and of course going fishing. In addition Captain Taylor has been a volunteer with Camp-Rap-A-Hope, which is anorganiztion that benefits kids who have or have had cancer.

Gulf Shores fishing charter

Before, Captain Taylor was a captain he was a well respected deckhand in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area. Taylor performed all deckhand duties for over two seasons in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas. During Taylor’s time as a deckhand he learned that each species of fish has its own personality and that there is an insane amount of fish species in our area.

Gulf Shores Fishing Guides

Captain Taylor grew up loving fishing and everything about fishing. When Taylor was a child he aspired to be a fishing guide or really any type of fishing professional. In conjunction with having a passion for fishing, Captain Taylor is really interested in teaching the art of fishing to more anglers. While Captain Taylor may have a personal plan to become a top Gulf Shores Fishing Guide he most importantly wants to help anglers of all skill levels.