Ugly Fishing LLC, Fishing Charters

Ugly Fishing is your family friendly near shore and inshore fishing charter specialists. Whether you want to target speckled trout and red fish or you want to go out into some deeper water. We provide red snapper fishing charters along with a combination of nearshore and inshore fishing charters. Check out the fish species calendar to see if the fish you wish to catch is in the Mobile Bay area during your target fishing time. Please email captain Patric any questions.

Red Snapper is King

Every year we wait on the final ruling from the NOAA to see how many red snapper fishing charters that we can take out. Each year we hear a different story. The red snapper fishery is as good as it gets right now. Please check in with us throughout the year to see what the Alabama red snapper season will look like. While targeting red snapper anglers may catch king mackerel, cobia, or other snapper of other types.

Nearshore to Inshore

Ugly Fishing does have a beautiful side. The beauty of Ugly Fishing is that our boats and captains are all equipped with the equipment and the know how for running both American red snapper fishing charters and inshore charters. This beautiful option allows our clients to experience both types of fishing in one fishing charter.

Fishing Videos

Our captains love to take videos and stand in front of the camera as well. Take a look at the few videos we selected for our web page. If you need more please check out our YouTube channel.

Watch Ugly Fishing in Action

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