Thank You to Our Partners

It takes an army to ensure each and every fishing trip is as successful as possible  when we are back bay fishing.  Ugly Fishing LLC, partners and supports various organizations and companies that work toward ensuring the success of fishing as a sport and hobby.

Alabama Back-Bay Fishing

The beautiful Alabama gulf coast and Mobile Bay area offer a variety of fishing opportunities for the entire year. Back bay fishing Gulf Shores, Al. Dauphin Island, Al. , Mobile Bay, Al. all have certain attributes that set them apart.  For additional information about fishing trip options or you can contact us for booking options.

Check Our Friend's Blogs

Chris Bush began The Speckled Truth to help promote the new age culture of speckled trout fishing along the gulf and southern Atlantic that harbor speckled trout. Chris' focus is on the large trophy sized speckled trout and how to better target and how to take better care of our inshore fisheries.

The Speckled Truth