Fishing Charters

Ugly Fishing, LLC is your premier Dauphin Island fishing charter. As an inshore charter service Ugly Fishing, LLC will provide some of the finest speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead and flounder fishing along Alabama's Gulf coast. Dauphin Island fishing charter captains Patric Garmeson, Kyle Mitternight and Rick Tourne will work on providing a family-fun fishing adventure.

Dauphin Island Fishing Charter

Dauphin Island is home to some of the best trophy speckled trout and bull redfish action of anywhere along the Gulf Coast. When deciding your next vacation destination you should consider booking a room or house on Dauphin Island and chose Ugly Fishing LLC to be your next Dauphin Island Fishing Charter.

Family Fishing Adventure

Without hesitation all of our captains are excited to facilitate your families boating and fishing journey around the Dauphin Island area. When boating from one fishing area to the next don't be surprised to see dolphins, giant brown pelicans, bald eagles or ospreys. Each fishing area can provide different fish species along the way. From speckled trout to redfish or sharks and white trout. Each season brings new fish and fun filled adventures.


Most people love to catch or at least see a shark on his or her Dauphin Island fishing charter. Sharks can be a lot of fun to some and a nuisance to others. Whether you like them or hate them you will likely see one or more during the warmer summer months. Don't worry the sharks we may run across are usually small enough for us to hold with our hands.

Gulf Coast

Alabama has one of the prettiest coast lines of the entire gulf coast which includes Dauphin Island, Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach. Along with the beautiful Gulf frontage Alabama is also home to Mobile Bay. Mobile Bay stretches 31 miles from north to south and 24 miles at its widest point. Mobile Bay and the Alabama gulf coast is accessible from many locations by boat or car.

Affordable Family Fun

Captain Patric Garmeson owner of Ugly Fishing LLC has a family of his own and understands that entertaining an entire family can be expensive. Consider booking your next Dauphin Island fishing charter with one of Ugly Fishing's experienced captains who are also fathers. Chose a family man to take your family on a fishing adventure.