Fairhope Alabama Fishing

A little about Fairhope

Fairhope was founded in November 1894 in the site formerly known as Alabama City. Fairhope was originally formed and still remains a "single tax colony" ,which is not what this post is about. Downtown Fairhope is positioned on the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay and is located at 30.31N 87.53W. Fairhope's total land mass is 13.93sq miles. Fairhope is a popular fishing spot. A natural phenomenon Fairhope is known for is a "jubilee". A Jubilee is a very unique and celebrated event for Fairhope and the rest of the Eastern Shore area. Fairhope is also famous for adopting Mardi Gras from the Western Shore neighboring city of Mobile, Alabama. Therefore, as the city has matured many snow birds and tourist from all over the globe have found a way to make Fairhope his or her new or second home.

The Early years

I have grown up fishing within Mobile Bay. Since I was 5 years old the majority of my fishing experience was catching flounder, sheepshead, drum, speckled trout and redfish in and around Mobile Bay. My dad would take my brother and I out on our boat, a friends boat, bridges, from shore or to a local pier like the Fairhope Municipal Pier. Growing up on the water so close to Mobile Bay it was always hard for me not to think about fishing. My dad was the same way, fishing was always on his mind. One of the first fish my dad, brother and I got good at catching was flounder. Flounder are a bottom dwelling fish found throughout Mobile Bay approximately 10 months per year. Flounder are one of the most sought after creatures that are affected by an eastern shore jubilee.


A jubilee is a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout the summer months along the eastern shore and occasionally the western shore of Mobile Bay. The exact ingredients for a jubilee are not known but is largely due to low oxygen levels in the water during nighttime hours. Low oxygen plus incoming tide plus light east wind plus 80-90 degree water temps equals a good chance of a jubilee. A jubilee is famous for bringing flounder, shrimp and blue crabs to the show for anyone to harvest. However, despite the obvious consumer driving benefits of a jubilee, we will also see some negative impacts.

Jubilee Conditions not so good

I run a fishing charter that survives on catching fish with hook and line throughout Mobile Bay. When someone books a Fairhope fishing charter with me the morning following a jubilee we can be challenged. Since, an eastern shore jubilee is mostly caused by low dissolved oxygen it can have an impact on all fish. Usually, the easiest adjustment for us to make as anglers is to move to an unaffected area of the bay. Due to the irregular shape of Mobile Bay it is difficult for a jubilee to affect the whole eastern shore. Another negative impact of a Mobile Bay jubilee is it causes stress on oyster, clams, barnacle, and other immobile crustaceans.

Popular Fairhope Fishing spots

While fishing before, during or shortly after a Mobile Bay Jubilee may be difficult, we do have plenty of fishing spots from which to choose. Mobile Bay fishing guides and recreational anglers are very fortunate to have Alabama Marine Resources Division. The AMRD has done a great job over the years by creating and or enhancing natural and artificial reefs. Popular Fairhope fishing spots are Battles Wharf, Zundels reef, P. Grey Crane reef, and Point Clear Reef. When the reefs are not producing for Fairhope fishing charters we will move to other popular areas like Middle Bay Light House or Gaillard Island. Popular fishing spots that do not require a boat are the privately owned piers along the bay. Which, can be accessible through wade fishing, kayaking or canoeing. The most popular Fairhope fishing spot is the Fairhope pier located at the western end of Fairhope Avenue.

Fairhope Fishing Charter

Fairhope Alabama fishing opportunities can be as simple as, take your rod and reel down to the pier or as convenient as booking a Fairhope Fishing Charter. When you chose to book a fishing charter you take all the guessing of whats biting, where and how. You simply compare fishing guides like myself to other full time fishing guides in our area. You will see through online reviews, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Podcasts that there are only a few from which to choose. I know when I visit a new area I find my fishing guide through research and referrals.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a guest or resident of Fairhope Alabama it doesn't take long to identify the uniqueness of the area. From the breath taking sunsets to the incredible fishery to the Jubilee's and everything in between. Fairhope Alabama is a great destination.